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Famar Flavors LLC is a manufacturer of spice mixtures and functional measures for meat, fish and culinary products. Over several years in business, we were able to expand our product line to over hundreds of different spice blends that successfully compete in the American and European markets today.

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Famar Flavors LLC is a company dedicated to comprehensive service meat processing, fish and food. Our offer covers a wide range of functional additives, spice mixtures and spice concentrates, given the opportunity to produce highly sought-after products on the market, while low-cost. In addition, our company has a staff of highly qualified engineers and a network of regional distributors and sales representatives.

We ensure the highest quality of our products, while providing reliability and loyalty to the consumer. We assure the health safety of our products, with the technology that produces excellent results and satisfaction of our customers.

Manufacturing our products involves mixing in appropriate proportions (according to the recipe), with various spices resulting in the formation of a mixture of spices such as the HOT DOGS or Krakow sausages.

The functional arises in the course of mixing different food additives, depending on how they fulfill the function of such curing meat.

Our consultants work professionally at all times to ensure the best quality of our products and customer service!

In addition, Famar Flavors offers customized products for each customer. We can produce any mixture of spices and condiments, while maintaining complete confidentiality.

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Satisfy and exceed customer needs! Customer satisfaction is the driving force of our actions to continuously improve product quality and efficiency of all operations in our company by using latest technology and industry best practices, reviewing our policies,

procedures and operations to ensure that all products manufactured are in compliance with customer's expectations and regulatory requirements. We are committed to producing and marketing safe, high quality, legal products and continues to build and grow

our business by implementing HACCP, SSOP and by following the BRC Code Standards.



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4711 W. 137th Street
Crestwood, IL 60418
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